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Here at Crestview we partner with Millennium Therapy Rehabilitation and Consulting Services in the treatment of the older adult population. Their main goal is to restore maximum function to each resident with individual programs.

Upon admission, evaluations will be completed by each appropriate member of the team to determine which therapies/ services will be beneficial to the resident to return him/her to their maximum level of function. Millennium uses a team approach to achieve the highest level of independence possible and retain the highest quality of life for as long as possible.

The Millennium Rehabilitation Team Includes:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech/Language Pathology


The Millennium Team Works Closely With:

  • Attending Physician
  • Nursing
  • Activities Director
  • Dietician
  • Restorative Nursing
  • Patient’s Family


The Physical Therapy treatments focus on:

  • Strength, range of motion and balance in the patient’s trunk and lower extremities
  • Ability to transfer and ambulate safely
  • Assessment and training in the use of canes, walkers and other assistive devices
  • Assessment and reduction of swelling and pain
  • Assessment for fall risk
  • Establish an exercise maintenance program
  • Home/Living assessments


The Occupational Therapy treatments focus on:

  • Ability to perform activities of daily living: dressing, eating, toileting, bathing, wheelchair mobility
  • Strength, range of motion and coordination in the patient’s trunk and upper extremities
  • Prevent, minimize or correct joint deformity
  • Assessment of need for adaptive equipment
  • Assessment and reduction of swelling and pain
  • Evaluation of cognitive performance required to maintain independence within various living structures
  • Home/Living assessments


The Speech Therapy treatments focus on:

  • Communication skills including ability to produce language, volume and intelligibility
  • Facilitation of ability to express basic needs when verbal communication is inadequate or unavailable
  • Evaluation and treatment of swallowing problems
  • Assessment and treatment of executive functioning skills such as reading, comprehension, judgment, etc.