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Respite Short-term Stay

Being a full-time caregiver is a lot of work and even Superman/ Superwoman needs a break every now and then. When a caregiver needs to take a vacation, to go away for the weekend, attend a wedding, have surgery or any other time they need to themselves, Crestview offers a short-term stay service to aide at-home caregivers.

This service is private pay only. Everything we do for short-term residents is the same as what we do for our long-term residents. We especially encourage short-term residents to attend activities to keep their days at Crestview fun and interactive. Short-term residents are admitted the same as the rest of the residents and are discharged when their caregivers are ready to have them return home. Short-term residents are here briefly, but we take the time to make them feel right at home at Crestview. They get all the attention and help they need from friendly, caring staff.