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As we advance through our golden years, we may feel that our years of “living” have passed if we become more isolated at home due to physical limitations. If you are feeling that way, we at Crestview invite you to look over our shoulder as we move through some of our typical daily activities. Consider that you or your loved one might find great enjoyment and satisfaction as we live, laugh and learn together!

If you are a morning person, you won’t want to miss these activities that will strengthen your body using free weights and exercises, usually while enjoying lively music. It is equally important to exercise our minds and we challenge ourselves with a variety of math, history, geography and memory activities to keep our minds sharp! Beware of those frequent Ole and Lena jokes; we must have our dose of laughter, which is always good medicine!

Our musical activities such as Name that Tune, Sing-a-Long and Rhythm Band give you a chance to enjoy some of those tunes you may recall from a Saturday night dance or from country school. Maybe you enjoyed performing in a choir or musical group; residents are often excited to learn that there are opportunities to perform on special occasions at Crestview. We make sure that there is a wide variety of musical entertainment available for our residents, from yodeling to line dancing to dance band music.

An important part of each morning’s routine is coffee time. As hot beverages and a tray of freshly baked, still warm from the oven cookies appear, our Country Square coffee area is buzzing with laughter and conversation. Twice weekly we reminisce about many of the daily routines that made up our lives as we grew up and raised families. Topics vary from Saturday night trips to town to corn husking to butchering. With our varied backgrounds and experiences there is often humor and an interesting exchange of memories and experiences.

Are you an outdoor person? If so, you are in good company at Crestview! A perfect spring, summer or fall day often dictates a change in location of our activities—on our lawn, under our beautiful shade trees. Our garden group spends time weekly tending our garden; which has produced flowers and vegetables that have earned purple ribbons at the Hamilton County Fair several times! Our fishing trip is a favorite activity, as are our monthly evening bonfires during the summer. Stop by for a roasted marshmallow!

Each year is full of special occasions, and as with any family, Crestview has traditions we celebrate. Each year around Valentine’s Day the residents look forward to a “night on the town” as our Candlelight Dinner features a leisurely dinner, elegantly served. Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day observances give us the opportunity to recognize the service and sacrifices of our residents, their spouses and family members. Our heroes deserve our thanks! Christmas and Easter you can find us enjoying the light-hearted aspects of these holidays. We recognize our residents’ desire to worship together, usually with family members involved to provide special music.

We hope this sampling of activities finds you thinking that you or your loved one would grow and thrive at Crestview with something fun and interesting to look forward to each day. We would love to have you visit our Facebook page to look at photos taken during our activities or stop by to check them out in person!