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As we advance through our golden years, we may feel that our years of “living” have passed if we become more isolated at home due to physical limitations. We at Crestview invite you to join us as we make time live.  Consider that you or your loved one might find great enjoyment and satisfaction as we live, laugh and learn together! Check out our calendar and feel free to swing by and check out some of our activities. 

  • Movin’ and Groovin’

    Strengthen your body using free weights and exercises while enjoying lively music at Fun ‘N Fitness. We also challenge our minds with a variety of math, history, geography and memory activities to keep our minds sharp! Beware of those frequent Ole and Lena jokes; we take a dose of laughter, which is always good medicine!

    Every Friday, you’ll find us playing volleyball, and if you sneak in, we won’t blame you.  We also play Crestview versions of Bocci ball, bowling, basketball, ball tosses, and many more forms of exercise!

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  • Music

    Our musical activities such as Bell Choir, Sing-a-Long, Name That Tune, and Rhythm Band give you a chance to enjoy some of those tunes you may recall from a Saturday night dance or country school. Maybe you enjoyed performing in a choir or musical group. We provide a  wide variety of musical entertainment for our residents, from yodeling to line dancing to dance band music.

  • Coffee time

    Every morning as hot beverages and a tray of warm freshly baked cookies appear, the Garden Cafe  is buzzing with laughter and conversation. Twice weekly we reminisce about many of the daily routines that made up our lives as we grew up and raised families. Topics vary from Saturday night trips to town and the high school prom to corn husking and butchering.

  • Outdoors


    If you are an outdoors person, you are in good company at Crestview! A perfect spring, summer or fall day often dictates a change in location of our activities—under our beautiful shade trees. Our garden group spends time weekly tending our garden; which has produced flowers and vegetables that have earned purple ribbons at the Hamilton County Fair several times!   Weekly we have patio barbecues in the summer, having not only seconds, but thirds of delicious picnic goodies like potato salad and fresh fruit.  Every summer we go fishing and have our monthly evening bonfires. Stop by for a roasted marshmallow!  And we are not just fair-weather fun-havers.  In the winter we brought in the snow to make mini snowmen and create Diane’s ice cream recipe.


  • Traditions

    Each year is full of special occasions, and the Crestview family has many traditions. Each year around Valentine’s Day the residents look forward to our Candlelight Dinner featuring an elegant leisurely dinner and singing valentines that families can send. Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day observances give us the opportunity to recognize the service and sacrifices of our residents, their spouses and family members. Our heroes deserve our thanks!

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    On Christmas and Easter we recognize our residents’ desire to worship together, often inviting family members to provide special music.

    More traditions include events like our annual bacon fest, talent shows, crestview county fairs, block parties and more!


  • Smarter than a cookie

    Monthly we take time to learn some new words and phrases in a new language and eat some of the local snacks.  Our traveling doesn’t stop there.  Monthly we bring in a speaker to present about an experience going to another country.  Our arm chair vacations have included places like Chile, Thailand, Antarctica, and many more!

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    Local historian Nancy Kayser has come to brush us up on local history and monthly we review current events.  Retired school teacher Donna Foster brings in a topic to teach about twice a month, helping us to reminisce about our old school days.

  • Creating Community

    We also like to break out the trivia and the game of 500 and pictionary are regulars here.  Have a favorite game? Ask for a partner and you will find one.  Caught the glitter bug? Crafts happen at least once a month.  Our boomers meet three days a week for Young at Art and Boomer Games.  Monthly we have get togethers for the Red Hat Ladies and Men’s Club.   Local churches and volunteers use their time to come in weekly to provide us a weekly in-house church service and a bi-monthly bible study.  We also keep track of everyone’s birthday, offering a carnation from the Flower Cart, an off-tune hearty birthday song, and a chance to wear the birthday hat in addition to our monthly birthday party hosted by local churches.  Residents also are involved in the community through visits to the library, visits from high school peer helpers bimonthly, and their pen pals at the elementary school.

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