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Key Staff Members

  • Stacy Geopfert, Administrator

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    Stacy is Crestview’s Administrator. She has been at Crestview for 18 years with the first two as a Charge Nurse and the next 16 as the DON. Stacy is very hands-on administrator and can be seen throughout the building on the floor as well as in her office. She coordinates, organizes and supervises the whole nursing department and assists residents and families as needed.

    What makes Stacy a great part of our team is that she loves working with our residents and their families assisting them to live each day as they choose. She also works very hard to make sure that every resident is well taken care of.



  • Jill Scott, Business Development Director

    Jill is Crestview’s Business Development Director. Jill started at Crestview in 2016. She has an extensive background in Alzheimers care and experience as an Executive Director. She has worked in senior living for 9 years and is currently managing the Senior Living Apartments updates and activities as well as facility marketing.
  • Laura Lavender, Director of Nursing

    Laura is Crestview’s Director of Nursing. She was born and raised here in Webster City. Laura graduated from Webster City High School in 1986 and from ICCC with her RN in 1993. She has spent most of my nursing career in long term care. Laura started at Crestview in 2016. Laura is also very hands on in nursing care to ensure seamless nursing care for our residents 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Renee Ubben, Nurse Manager

    reneeRenee is Crestview’s Nurse Manager. Renee started at Crestview in 1986 as a Nursing Assistant while she was in high school and became our MDS Coordinator. As Nurse Manager, she can be found on the nursing floor or in her office, depending on the day, as she also works as a Charge Nurse two weekends per month. After 27 years at Crestview, she still loves her job, interacting with the residents and having so many grandparents!



  • Bobbi Aljets, Activity Director

    Bobbi started working with Crestview in July of 2016, as Memory Unit Activity Director and assistant to the previous director, before becoming full time Director in December of 2016.  She is a 4th generation of healthcare providers in her family; Nursing Assistant for over 3o years, also a medication delegate for assisted living homes and works in home care and home care/hospice. “I’m a History buff and every day is a history lesson learned, when we take time to listen to their life stories”, speaking of the residents and her home care/hospice patients.  Bobbi loves the interactions with the residents, the many different activities, visiting with the family members, volunteers and staff, while looking forward to every new day with us. 







  • Bun Luft, Business Office Manager

    Bun joined our team as Business Office Manager in June 2015. She has an associate’s degree in Accounting and previously worked in Logistics at Centrum Valley Farms.  Bun assists families with applying for Medicaid and oversees the office staff. Bun enjoys helping with some of special events we have at Crestview such as the Fashion Show and decorating for holidays. 
  • bun









    Michelle Vasquez

  • Michelle Vasquez, Social Worker

    Michelle was raised in Webster City and graduated from Webster City High School in 1988. She graduated from Iowa Central in 2013 with an AS Degree in Human Services. As a social worker, Michelle works with the residents in the nursing home by identifying their psychosocial, mental and emotional needs along with providing, developing and/or aiding in the access of services to meet those needs. Michelle also assists with admitting new residents and helps make decisions in carrying out a variety of activities that maximize the well-being and quality of life of the Crestview residents.







  • Catie Peterson, Administrative Assistant

    Catie grew up in Webster City and graduated Webster City High School in 2004. She attended Iowa Central Community College and The Salon Professional Academy. She enjoys camping, kayaking, reading books and sports! She is looking forward to getting to know everyone! Catie began as Administrative Assistant in August 2016.